ARTIMA gallery

Since 2000, the year of its creation, the ARTIMA gallery has been keen to show the public a coherent body of work built around two main axes.
On the one hand, there are artists working on the notion of the city and urbanity, whose work presents as many original urban paths. The second group concerns artists like Charles Fazzino for exemple and who inscribe their work in the universe of Pop culture, either by using a technique from this movement or by diffusing emblematic Hollywood icons in their works.

These two research axes are not however compartmentalized and some of the gallery’s artists can have a work that is at the crossroads of these two universes.

The city, because it is always in mutation, in perpetual bubbling, remains perhaps even more today than yesterday, a true laboratory for the artists. The close links between the urban universe and pop culture have been for us the main thread of the gallery’s reflection and are the basis of its artistic programming.