3 – 30 septembre 2022

M O N I C A   D I X O N


The works of Monica Dixon Gutiérrez de Terán, American by birth and upbringing through her father and Asturian through her mother, oscillate between fleeting skies, destabilizing shadows and great luminosity. She paints with acrylics lonely houses, in the middle of landscapes of deep America and highlights what is precarious in human constructions under the lasting majesty of space and sky. His experience is that of the infinite.

• 20 place des Vosges, Paris


3 – 30 September 2022

D I E G O    B E N E I T E Z

Diego Benéitez’s painting is a dialogue that borders on abstraction if not an ever present horizon. Centered on a vibrant streak of light and broad bands of contrasting colors, his works are first painted in oil to obtain rich tones and chromatisms, which he then completes with glazes and half-tones in acrylic.

He emphasizes the simplicity of everyday life: the silence of the countryside, the clear sky, the blue of the morning or the gray of a cloudy day.  He paints moments that seem unimportant but whose singular beauty generates an important memory. Far from being abstract and empty of meaning, his landscapes, sometimes rural, sometimes urban, have an existential depth.  They awaken the imagination and encourage contemplation.

This is his first exhibition in France.

• 4 rue du Pas de la Mule, Paris