Born in 1962. Lives and works in Dublin, Ireland

Daniel Raynott, a Franco-Irish artist, has been a graphic designer for a long time, multiplying collaborations in different countries including the United States. Long stays in California, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, a lush oasis in the middle of the desert, from the 80s onwards, are the source of inspiration for his series entitled: California dream.

“I was deeply marked by what I saw and experienced there. I photographed and drew a lot while soaking up the scenery and a certain art of living. I still have impressions, the memory of an idyll with the light, with this hedonistic land, a happy nostalgia”.

Daniel Raynott’s works, painted in oil and acrylic on canvas, are tinged with optimism. They pay homage to the vibrant sunshine of California, to the gentle way of life, to the sumptuous and daring architect’s villas with their turquoise pools.


Swimming pools – Solo show – Galerie Artima – Paris

AAF London – Galerie Artima – London
Dream House – Solo show – Galerie Artima – Paris
Galerie du Palais – Le Touquet

Take a trip to California – Solo show – Galerie Artima – Paris
Summer collective I – Galerie Hugo – New York – US
CODA Gallery – Palm Desert – USA
Art Gallery Design – Collective exhibition – Le Touquet
Galerie Cantele – Honfleur

Cosmos – Collective exhibition – Galerie Artima – Paris
Art Gallery Design – Art Gallery Design – Le Touquet
California Dream – Galerie Artima – Paris
Galerie de l’Estuaire – Honfleur

Galerie Georges Billis – New York
Art Gallery Design – Le Touquet