Born in 1948 – Lives and works in Paris

Jean Isnard sees himself as a “go-between” between the world of art and contemporary technology. This is his credo, his way of inscribing himself in the world through the means of computer technology in particular. His forms are not automatic, but shaped, decided, with the ever-renewed requirement to work on an idea that is modified, playing on the multiple possibilities offered by the computer, reducing the distance between the concept and the work.

First occupy the space and keep silent… Then set in motion, associate and captivate. By evoking skins, moults and landscapes, the aim is to rediscover a link with man and nature, through the computer and industrial tool. It is also an encounter, a work in motion, arousing desire and sensuality. These are lines that Jean distils… His Venus mounts and other nipples are then called landscapes.

In Jean Isnard’s works, there is the power of life. To claim that this is positive is certainly simplistic, let us say that they are sure to exist. Without needing to impose his presence, Jean Isnard gives them life with the generosity of a “Geppetto”. The good fairy that is his talent gives them wings. One could say in the manner of André Gide evoking Maillol: “The works of Jean Isnard are there, that’s all, and that’s already a lot”.

“For years Jean Isnard has been exploring the countless possibilities of matte and gloss, smooth and rough, transparency and opacity. His latest “Altuglas on wood” amplifies the delicate tension between the sumptuous materiality of burr wood and the fluid translucent light of altuglas. Light, transparency, shadows and reflections have always been part of Jean Isnard’s theatre of volumes and forms. Each of his sculptures is a formal fiction that everyone is invited to interpret in total freedom.

Colin Cyvoct


Exhibitions :
Galerie Artima – Paris
AFF London – Galerie Artima
Moderne Art Fair – Galerie Messine – Paris
Galerie Arnaud Bard – Boulogne-Billancourt
Galerie Hervé Courtaigne – Paris
Art Elysées – Galerie Messine – Paris
Galerie Arnaud Bard – Boulogne-Billancourt
Galerie Ad Luminem – Clichy
Scope New York – Kahn Gallery NYC
Art New York – Kahn Gallery NYC
Scope and Pulse Miami Beach – Kahn Gallery
AAF Brussels – Galerie Arnaud Bard
Art New York Pier – NYC
Galerie Aroa – Neuilly-sur-Seine
Groupe Prévoir – Paris
Legend Art Gallery – Genève
Galerie des Ormes – Paris
Galerie GZ – Paris
Galerie Messine – Paris

Art Elysée – Galerie Messine – Paris
Biennale d’Issy-les-Moulineaux
Galerie GZ – Paris
Galerie Arnaud Bard – Boulogne-Billancourt
Art Elysée – Galerie Messine
La sévrienne des Art – Sèvres
Galerie Messine – Paris
Art Elysées 2013
Bastille Design Center – Multimediart
Espace d’art contemporain Eugene Beaudoin – Antony
Galerie Area et mairie du 10° Paris – “Le couple”
Galerie Nicolas Plescoff – Paris – Group Show
Installation at the Rinascente in Milan for Shiseido
Galerie La reserve d’Area – Paris
Urban Art Box – Installation for Shiseido – Place St Germain-des-Prés – Paris
Galerie Nicolas Plescoff – Group show – Paris
Installation – Cité des Sciences de la Villette – Paris
Cité d’Artistes – Hôtel de ville – Celle Saint-Cloud
Galerie Nicolas Plescoff – Paris
Art Sénat – Orangerie du Palais du Luxembourg – Paris
Galerie La réserve d’Area – Paris
Galerie Exposure – Paris
Centre d’art contemporain Albert Chanot – Clamart
Galerie Aroa – Neuilly-sur-Seine
Galerie Club7 – Paris
Centre d’art contemporain Albert Chanot – Clamart
Groupe d’assurance Prévoir
Galerie Aroa – Neuilly-sur-Seine
Galerie Christine Phal – Paris
Lineart art fair – Gand – Galerie La Reserve
Musée départemental de l’Abbaye de Saint-Riquier
Foire d’art contemporain de Lille
Galerie Artes – Paris
Galerie Desforges – Nancy
La Réserve d’Area – Paris
Installation – Cloître des Billettes – Paris
Galerie Area – Paris
Biennale d’Issy-Les-Moulineaux