Born in 1960 in Auvergne. Lives and works in Burgundy.

After studying at the Beaux-arts de Bourges, then art history at the Sorbonne, Jean-Pierre Fressinet first worked as art director in various Parisian communications agencies, including the one he founded in 2002, before devoting himself to painting since around 2010.

Driven by an attraction to the artists of American geometric abstraction, and even minimalist painting, he follows in the updated footsteps of artists such as Josef Albers, Sol Lewitt, Peter Halley, Ellsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, and Charles Hinman, to name but a few.

“My creations are in the tradition of geometric abstraction, which I revisit in complete freedom. Colour, volume, space, I’m in search of singular harmonies, unexpected correlations, enigmatic compositions that can be metamorphosed according to the viewer’s mood”.

Fressinet uses secondary colours and acrylic paint to create the illusion of shapes, which he plays with by superimposing them on monochrome backgrounds from which they protrude.

“Muted hues against fiery chromaticism, penumbra against light, minimalist logotype forms sometimes approaching the simplicity of signposts, my work reveals in its own way a certain perception of mystery.”

The viewer’s gaze is hypnotized by these almost moving figures with their simple, variable, and directly identifiable geometry. The grandeur of the formats, which equal human size, creates a veritable visual intrusion for the viewer, who is absorbed by what he sees, to the point of becoming one with the forms.


Galerie Artima – Paris – FR

La forme et la matière – Galerie de la Mairie – Pouilly-sur-Loire – FR
FIAAC – Foire internationale d’art contemporain dans le Chais – FR

Corrélations – Le Club du Monde Cavilam – Alliance Française – Vichy – FR

Corrélations – Galerie 147 So Arty – Sancerre – FR

Réalités Nouvelles Abstractions – Parc floral de Paris – FR