Born in Mexico City in 1975. Lives and works in Paysac (FR). Graduated in graphic design, advertising and marketing, she has been entirely dedicated to creation since 2014 and exhibits her work since 2012.

Nolvenn Le Goff enters the art world in 2010. It was at the International Contemporary Art Competition in Barcelona that his astonishing work was honoured for the first time. It reflects both his concern for environmental issues but also a philosophy of life and values such as empathy, solidarity and responsibility, a quest for harmony within us, between us and with the world around us.

Between art and design, she has created three series entitled Paper Cities, Harmonious Sets and Wings, which have the singularity of using paper as a raw material. Wishing to restore the dignity of this noble material, which has gradually depreciated over the centuries, she takes her creations to their limits through patience, precision and meticulousness.

In 2014, she founded Talent Lab, a small gallery and studio in Barcelona, a meeting point between artists and the public and a source of inspiration. This is how she was introduced to the world of sacred geometry, which led to the birth of Harmonious Sets. This purely geometric series will make him realize that we share a common origin and that our actions affect not only ourselves but the whole.

Her thoughts and her personal development will lead her to her last work, probably the most intimate: The Wing. Those of angels, birds, Pegasus who represent for Nolvenn his desire for purity, harmony, balance and resistance to the consumer society, selfishness and individualism. Heir to the mysticism of Mexican culture on the one hand and Celtic culture on the other, the artist impregnates each of his pieces with a halo of magic, fantasy and sincerity. With this series of maturity, she takes off to conquer new dreams.

She has been exhibited in Spain, France, Mexico … and at the Galerie Artima since 2019.

Exhibitions :

Mujeres del papel – Galería Lucía Dueñas – Oviedo

Mundos de celulosa – Opera lounge – Barcelona
Conjuntos armoniosos – Galeria Stendhal – Barcelona
Salon Art en Capital – Grand Palais – Paris

Design – Galerie Artima – Paris
Exposition collective – Galerie Bettina — Paris

Group show – Galerie Bettina – Paris
Group show – L’Explorateur – Barcelona
LOOM Festival – Festival artístico multidisciplinar – Barcelona
Don’t Amputate me – Barcelona

Mundos de Celulosa – solo show – Consulado de México – Barcelona

Exhibition Síntesi 90minuts – Museo Disseny Hub – Barcelona

Exhibition Síntesi 90minuts – Museo Disseny Hub – Barcelona

Urban People – Galeria Mitte – Barcelona

GMAC – Paris
Mundos de Celulosa – L’Indiscret – Barcelona
??? Què, On, Quan – Galería Untitled – Barcelona

Salon Art en Capital – Grand Palais – Paris

Drop-Art – Festival Internacional de Reciclaje Artisitico de Catalunya
Espai Mercé Sala – Rambla Catalunya/Rosselló — Barcelona

Nobodinoz, Kid Art Design Store, Seneca 9

2 monts at the Eco-Musée Papeterie de Vaux, Paysac

Master in Marketing – Barcelona
Diploma in Graphic Design – School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico
Specialization in multimedia and advertising – School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico
Specialization in Editorial Design – School of Design of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico

2020 – Maxime Juan’s Price – Fondation Taylor – Paris